About Us
Vashi Patel, PhD
VP, Regulatory & Quality Systems

Vashi Patel has 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical drug development, mainly in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance. After completing her graduate studies at Stanford University, Dr. Patel worked on several immunotherapies both in the small biotech and big pharma setting, including Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining WindMIL, Dr. Patel worked for Precision for Medicine where she helped emerging small biotech companies with their regulatory and quality needs. Her expertise spans early development to post-marketing.

In her role at WindMIL, Dr. Patel leads regulatory strategy, serving as the primary point of contact with the FDA, and has responsibility for all regulatory submissions, regulatory compliance, and communication. She also provides oversight of Quality Assurance and GXP activities at WindMIL as well as those sitting with the company’s external suppliers.