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Kimberly Noonan
Kimberly Noonan, PhD, MPH
EVP, CSO and Founder

Kimberly Noonan, PhD, is a co-founder of WindMIL and a pioneer in the use of MILs. Dr. Noonan received her BS in Microbiology and PhD in Immunology from the University of Pittsburgh. She also holds an MPH from Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Noonan has published many peer-reviewed papers, review articles and book chapters and holds numerous patents. Over the last 20 years Dr. Noonan has worked on the interactions of T cells in the bone marrow microenvironment and she has made several important discoveries in this field. A leader in T cell biology, translational research and clinical scale manufacturing of T cells, Dr. Noonan made the initial discovery of MILs in 2004 along with Ivan Borrello, M.D. Together with a small team, Drs. Borrello and Noonan translated this laboratory finding into a clinical trial, the first ever adoptive T cell therapy at Johns Hopkins University. The first patients were treated in 2007 with the seminal work described in a 2015 Science Translational Research publication. To date, over 150 patients have been treated with MILs. Along with several colleagues, Dr. Noonan has also developed vaccines for the treatment of multiple myeloma as well as trap antibodies used in cancer and auto-immunity treatments. She is most passionate about bringing treatments forward to patients with cancer. Deeply committed to developing the next generation of scientists, Dr. Noonan is an active mentor and joined the faculty of Johns Hopkins University in 2004, where she maintains an adjunct faculty appointment. She was the founding employee at WindMIL and a member of the founding management team.

In her current role as Chief Scientific Officer at WindMIL Therapeutics, Dr. Noonan leads a dynamic scientific team in continuing to understand the mechanism and function of MILs, CAR-MILs and novel gene modifications of MILs. They are working toward the next generation of cellular therapies utilizing the MILs platform and work closely with the Process Science and Manufacturing team to revolutionize the manufacturing of MILs. In her role as Executive Vice President, Dr. Noonan works closely with the CEO, BOD and the WindMIL Leadership Team to strategically advance the scientific, clinical, manufacturing and business prospects that will lead WindMIL to the forefront of the future of adoptive cell therapy for cancer patients.