At WindMIL we are building a company for which we are proud to work.

This means that doing good work isn’t only about what we do, but how we do it. We approach each experiment, each collaboration, and each patient with thoughtfulness and respect. That is what we believe it takes to fight cancer. The WindMIL Way contains our non-negotiable core values that guide our behaviors, actions and the patient impact we aim to have every day.

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Our PACT – The WindMIL Way


We are energized and focused by our relentless pursuit of improved treatment for patients.


We welcome challenges and rise to meet them through a strong desire to take ownership, make decisions and act promptly.


We do not flatly accept the concept of “that is how it is always done.” We challenge ourselves to look for new, more effective ways to accomplish our goals.


We build strong relationships, collaborate across individuals and teams and readily share our unique skills, knowledge and perspectives to achieve our goals.