Harnessing the power of bone marrow

At WindMIL Therapeutics®, our mission is to translate novel insights in bone marrow immunology into life-saving cell therapies for cancer patients.

WindMIL is the only company that can activate and expand a natural source of tumor-specific, memory T cells found in the bone marrow. Memory cells from the bone marrow of cancer patients are:

  • Patient specific
  • Broadly antigen-specific
  • Highly cytotoxic
  • Highly persistent

It is why at WindMIL, we believe Cell Source MattersTM.

Our Science

Our proprietary process creates a cellular product called MILs® (Marrow Infiltrating Lymphocytes) that contains activated tumor-targeting memory T cells. We aim to leverage our deep understanding of the unique immunologic properties of the bone marrow to lead the way in cancer cell therapies, but also to fulfill our commitment to helping patients live longer, healthier lives. READ MORE